Managed Services

Not having an idea to manage your server by your own? Then, have a peace of mind by letting us to handle your server. Just choose one of our Managed Services Plan that include dedicated, energetic engineers and customer care specialists offer 24/7/365 on–site technical and logistics support for customers make it clear that our support is available every day of the year. We offer the full managed service on your hosting solution that will assure the smooth running of your server. Don’t think further on hiring more headcounts and just grab one our Manged Service plan to cut your cost and have your server works at optimum level all the time.

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DDoS Protection
DDOS Protection is important nowadays as Internet-based attacks has been keep on growing in term of size, frequency, and complexity where no companies are immune enough to these threats. Our DDoS Protection defences our customers’ company network from Internet-based attacks as it is designed to protect the link between your network and the Internet with the assurance of 24 x 7 monitoring so that false data packets sent by attackers will not overload and choke your network. Our DDoS Protection are incorporate with following features:
  • Flexible Protection
  • In-house filtering for no added latency
  • Completely transparent to regular traffic
  • Both local and international mitigations
  • Prevent service disruption during attacks
  • Protection against any kind of attack
  • Having a detailed report after any attack
  • Advanced behavioural analytics technology
  • Multi-level DDoS protection to ensure service availability
  • Avoid additional bandwidth usage by allowing only genuine traffic
Managed WiFi
Managed WiFi
Our Managed WIFI can be use as a private wireless network for internal users of an organization, as well as a public WIFI network for external users of an organization. This is because our Managed WIFI is known as one fully managed end-to-end solution. It is a secure and reliable connectivity option suitable for nationwide SMEs, enterprise, local and global large corporations. It cut down expenses and simplify your network deployment and management by with flexible and scalable bandwidth.
Managed Firewall
Managed Firewall
Our Firewall Management services gives 24x7 firewall administration, log checking, and reaction to security and gadget well-being occasions. Security and well-being events are related over your condition and broke down by our affirmed security investigators, utilizing worldwide danger knowledge and demonstrated skill to evaluate dangers. At the point when a risk is identified, our specialists react instantly to counter the danger and ensure to protect your organisation.
  • Protect systems and data
  • Remove the management and monitoring burden
  • Support compliance initiatives
Managed Router
Managed Router
Our completely overseen benefit offers router rental, installation, configuration, maintenance and management. MRS is an esteem added choice to our Global Internet Access and MPLS VPN administrations, ensuring an end-to-end benefit execution performance.
Managed Server
Managed Server

Why Big Band?
Big Band is a One Monitor that is purpose-built to monitor today's all dynamic, heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments. Big Band unifies IT performance monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, reporting, and capacity – planning in a single console. It also provides a great experience and dramatically improves efficiency of all IT environments. Big Band helps to monitor Customers’ mission-critical application and gain more new businesses. Also, increases customers’ satisfaction by tactically identifying and resolving performance concerns before users are affected. Big Band delivers business-aware IT performance visions which strengthens the advisory relationship with your customer. Big Band provides infrastructure right-sizing and optimization recommendations by warranting maximum ROI for your customer. Build a successful business model and more revenue by leveraging Big Band’s subscription-based-licensing.
  • Full Stack IT Monitoring: All from a Single Console
  • Deliver Cost Efficient Services Through Infrastructure Optimization
  • The Power of All Aspects of IT Performance Management Automation, Alerting and Analytics
  • Unified Server Monitoring, Diagnosis and Reporting
Migration Cloud
Migration Cloud
Cloud migration that Big Band provides is a process of moving applications, data, and other components hosted on servers inside an organization to a cloud-based infrastructure.