Big Band provides a complete traffic analytics tool, leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance.



Bandwidth Monitoring

View how enterprise network bandwidth is used. Allocate enough bandwidth for applications critical to business.

Real Time Traffic Reports

Get real-time visibility into network traffic.

Application and Protocol Monitoring

View the top applications on network. Make sure that your applications critical to your business get maximum priority.

Site-to-site Traffic Monitoring

View site-to-site traffic patterns in your network. Allocate your bandwidth appropriately.

Customizable Dash

Convert data to information with ease. Mine the most vital traffic information that matters to you the most.


Set up alerts based on thresholds for your network traffic. Be the first to know violations in your network usage.

Reports-Consolidated, Custom, Troubleshoot

To resolve network incidents, reports are a great tool. Use the different reports to solve network problems faster.

Router Traffic Monitoring

Monitor networking devices(routers/switches) using flows and generate important information to ensure that your network bandwidth is appropriately used.

Advanced Security Analytics Module

Ensure 100% network security and keep away scans, probes, Dos attacks and more.

High Performance Reporting Engine

A powerful add-on to Netflow Analyzer which increases its raw data capabilities and enhances the analytical abilities of NetFlow Analyzer.