Big Band provides a smart alternative to complex, expensive and disparate IT infrastructure monitoring solutions.

NetGain Netflow Manager v7 is an end to end IT infrastructure monitoring platform that offers advanced fault and performance monitoring across critical IT resources and other IT infrastruture components.

With its web-based interactive GUI, IT administrators can monitor up to 3000 device nodes from a single point.



Bandwidth Usage

Analyze the actual bandwidth usage and determine which applications is using most of the bandwidth at what time know where these applications originates from and to which IP addresses in the network.


Over 40+ reports and the flexibility for IT Manager to custom the reports based on what they deemed critical.

Customizable Dashboard

Dashboard can be easily building with data capture from NetFlow. You can customize the Dashboard to provide an alternative Single View of vital traffic information that matters to you the most.

Built In Alerts

NetGain NetFlow Manager v7 is able to utilizes the built in Alerts feature to send out Alerts based on predefined settings so that IT Manager will be able to manage their network infrastructure from anywhere.