Digital Transformation Consultancy & Advisor

Digital transformation is driving Industry 4.0 for more agility, responsiveness and efficiency in decision-making and processes. Plan & level up your digital transformation with Big Band as we align your business IT needs with the right technology and solutions for maximizing operational efficiencies. We bring you value through IT automation & integration, data management, cloud computing, web/website hosting, including domain registration.

Backup & Recovery

Business data prevention plan, whether it is a natural disaster or due to human error.

A Backup solution for Data Recovery is necessary for a business continuity plan.

Cyber Security

Protect your valuable business data from cyberattacks.

A cost-effective cyber risk management strategy with the proper process and tools for your enterprise.

Cloud Computing

Accesses your data at anytime and anywhere when required.

Data Center

World-class technological data centre infrastructure helps your business achieve digital transformation needs and digitalise your office data with a secure and stable digital environment.


Keeps your business applications and network traffic high-performing and valuable data transfer confidential and secure.


A nineteen years experience and awards-winning digital solutions provider.

The IT industry professionals and IT business partners recognize it.