Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: What’s The Difference?

Gone are the days of cloud environments being a luxury for the modern enterprise—today they are a complete necessity. For organizations across all industries, having the […]

The State of the Cloud in 2022

The use of cloud computing platforms has seen a significant rise in modern application development, with cloud infrastructure configuration accounting for up to 33% of global […]

Solving Manufacturing Challenges with AI and Digital Transformation

Even before the pandemic, manufacturers were facing unprecedented change and new demands that could permanently transform their industry. Those with the vision and technology, that are […]

IT Virtualization

IT virtualization is the creation of a virtual—rather than a physical—version of an IT device or resource. Many people think of virtualization only in terms of […]

Cloud Infrastructure: A brief Introduction

Cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components that support the delivery of a cloud-based service. It differentiates from traditional on-premise data centers in terms […]

Why Migrate to the Cloud

The cloud has grown from a concept since 1963 into an on-demand service put into use by Amazon for its web-based retail services in the early […]
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