About Us

More than 18 year experience in hosting, Big Band has been managing few thousand servers, co-located at our Data Center.

About Us

Since established in 2004, Big Band has been developing to be one of the leading hosting service providers in Malaysia. We provide a complete range of hosting solutions including Cloud Computing, Private Cloud, Rack/Colocation, Disaster Recovery, Backup Solution, Metro-E, Security Solution, Digital & AI Solution and managed services.

Formed by an energetic and pro-active team of engineers with strong domain expertise, we strive to provide the best, yet affordable hosting solutions to enable customers across different industries achieving business efficiencies at the lowest possible cost.

Our success stories and positive customers’ testimonials have motivated Big Band to continue moving forward, and always looking forward to write another success story with our customers.

Whether your organization is locally based or widely spread nationwide and even globally, large and small, as Big Band client, you can be assured of impeccable professional service and consistent best-of-breed solution delivery, with exceptional value.

More than 18 year experience in hosting industry, Big Band has been managing more than thousand servers, co-located at premium Data Center in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and United States.

Our engineers and customer care specialists offer on-site technical and logistical support at Data Center for customers round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

About Us

Our Commitment

Our commitment to customers is to achieve 99.95% of service uptime.

Our Vision

To be a leading hosting service provider that empowering business through cloud computing and hosting services.

Our Mission

To provide premium hosting solution to meet customer requirement


24 x 7 Supports

Our IT Team is providing 24 x7 monitoring and managed services to our client. You can reach us via phone, email, whatsapp and social media at any time when you need it.

SLA Assurance

Comprehensive SLA Assurance

Our services guarantee you SLA uptimes to ensure your business is running smoothly through out the clock.

NQA ISO 9001 Logo - UKAS

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are an ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management Systems certified company

ASEAN Outstanding Awards 2014

ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2014

Sangfor Award

Best partner for Cloud Computing 2020 by Sangfor

Moving Forward

As the world move towards ever increasing big data processing, AI model training, deep machine learning all the way to the complex process of AI application deployment, access to significant parallel computational power are in increasing demand in the enterprise environment.

Big Band offers a lightweight and efficient GPU management platform (AI Console) where enterprises can leverage on to optimize their Big Data analysis and AI computing process.

Big Band AI Console Advantage:

  • Simplify IT complexity and Optimize GPU management
    • Manage the physical and virtual resources for multiple GPU and CPU Servers with a single platform.
    • Optimizing the utilization of GPU resources according to the needs of business organization and cross-unit AI projects.

  • Improve R&D efficiency and shorten development time
    • Using Big Band AI Console, it will be easier to prepare any complex infrastructure environment using a simple and friendly browser interface for the deployment of Big Data and AI computing tools
    • This helps scientists, lab technician, teachers to focus on their AI algorithm development and training instead of focusing on settings and configurations

  • Support different computing architectures and heterogeneous environments, bringing perfect AI computing experience
    • A single platform that cab manage big data services and AI machine learning clusters at the same time.
    • Users can easily manage virtual machines (VMs) or containers (Docker) with GPU, through the intuitive and friendly Management Portal from the AI Console.
    • Support both ‘Cloud Service’ and ‘Batch Jobs‘, which can meet different usage scenarios and definitely enhance the AI development process experience.