Backup & Recovery

IT Backup system is the most comprehensive prevention plan to deter human error or a natural disaster. Having a backup solution for Data Recovery is necessary for any business continuity plan.

When a disaster occurs, recovery relies upon the replication of data and computer processing in an off-site location not affected by the disaster.

Disaster Recovery is only possible with the implementation of a Backup system. Backup and Disaster Recovery work together to ensure and support your business continuity as usual, even during a disaster.

Why should I implement Backup & Recovery into business operations?

Keep Data Safe from Cyberthreat, Ransomware, Hardware Failure, Disaster and Theft.

Restore Data Reality Instantly after the Disaster.

Keep Business Continuity Without Any Data Loss or process interruption.

When is it good to implement it? Why?

Activate the backup and disaster recovery immediately. No one knows when untoward events or disasters will happen.

Why work with BigBand?

A reputable company with a track record of 19 years in this industry

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems certified company.

The Outstanding and Excellent Business Service award-winning company

Committed to Service Level Assurance and Uptime Guarantee.

Customised Solutions with Organised, Reliable and Predictable Costs.

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Let us share our real-life backup and disaster recovery case studies with you. We will share how BigBand has helped so many clients to recover valuable data and keep business continuity with no operation downtime.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Apply to

  • SMI and SME Business Owners
  • Factory Owners
  • Business Dealers with Branch Offices
  • Entrepreneurs & Companies are facing Data Lost challenges at the moment
  • Hardware failure challenges

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