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Backup Solutions

Back up your data to a second location to always protect and recover operations for emergencies. For optimal replication efficiency, you may choose on-site backup, off-site backup, customer premise to Cloud Backup.

Access powerful and reliable backup and restore solutions to eliminate the risk of data loss and downtime. Reduce overall complexity by installing and managing an easy-to-use solution that doesn’t require special skills, huge resources or technical training. Control costs by enjoying an affordable backup solution that evolves with you and your business.

Big Band Backup Solutions Benefits


Data Loss Prevention

Data backup will help you to recover the data up to 24 hours ago when your server crash. It will help you to recover the service back on track in a shorter time frame. This will reduce productivity loss and the impact on your business.


Cloud Backup

Data backup easily deploys through the Public Cloud backup and able to quickly replicate to, from and between Cloud providers. You also fulfilled the business continuity plan by doing cloud backup as the data store at different location compared to your primary server.


Free Up Server

Doing the backup over the cloud can free up your server space for other important applications. Advance Backup technology gives the speed of operations, the performance of backup without compromise the server daily operation.


Peace of Mind

Regular data backups lead to peace of mind. In the event, a cybercrime, system crashes or disasters occur, there is a backup ready to go to restart a company’s archive. It is never too late to start saving important company data. In the end, data backup is necessary to save the business from losing investors and customers and closing down.

Our backup solutions that provide: Powerful, Easy-To-Use, Affordable
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