Our colocation services provide you with ample space, reliable power, superior cooling amenity and enhanced security. Our solutions are scalable and customizable as such, whether your current requirements are big or small we have the right solutions for you with our configurable cages, suites, and racks that can caters to your current budget as well as for your future growth.

Benefits of our co-location services

Managed Services by Big Band

• Redundancy, reliability and resiliency

• Scalable and customizable

• Carrier neutral / Cable Management + Cross Connect Services

• Minimum N+1 redundancy, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

• DDoS Preventive Protection, 24 x 7 Multi-Layered Security

• Expert Support 24 x 7 online and phone

Here is why you want to Co-locate with Big Band:

Customizable Cages, Suites and Racks
Customized private cages or suites with standard 42U or tailored optimized racking solutions. Our customized private cages come with dual AC and DC power distribution cable.

Strategic Connectivity
Our data center serves as one of the critical exchange points of Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX), and we work closely with Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provides improved connectivity, stability, and speed in a carrier neutral connectivity environment housing a wide range of business and service providers in an open cross connect model.

Our high performance, high speed backbone upstream of 4,000 peered Internet Service Provider across 50 Internet Exchange (IX) worldwide will give our client a cost effective and reliable solution that keeps you linked up to the Internet at high speeds and low latencies at all time.

Managed Co-location Server
As a total solution provider, we not only provide co-lo server but we also provide Manage Co-location server services whereby our dedicated and experience team of Engineers can help manage your IT Infrastructure in the datacenter where your hardware and software are hosted.

Managed colocation services are great for businesses that are keen to retain their own infrastructure, but with a certain level of server management expertise provided by external expert such as Big Band.

Managed colocation is especially beneficial for SME businesses as it saves on costs, both in terms of physical space and the need to hire expensive IT expertise and with that SME businesses can focus on what matter most, which is on how to build and expand more businesses.

Holistic Environment with All Round Protection
Our facilities are equipped with robust and advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), fire detection and suppression system.

As part of the eco-system our facilities are implemented with multi-layered security control systems and are guarded round-the-clock by a team of well-trained professional security personnel together with advanced digital recording monitoring system at multiple sites and access to the premises are based on access control systems where only registered persons are allow in.


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