Keeps traffic high-performing and valuable data transfer confidential and secure.

BigBand has a vast range of connectivity solutions for businesses based on your business models and needs.

  • Businesses that need high-performing internet speed and high-quality performance of dedicated connections to deliver fast upload and download speeds. It keeps your business applications and network traffic the priority they need.
  • Carry your connection through Ethernet or private-line circuits to stay connected with your clients and not divide your network bandwidth with others.
  • Use private network that only carries traffic for your company and branches to keep valuable data transfer confidential and secure.
  • To deliver the best application performance across multiple locations.
  • Extend your business network by linking your domestic sites through a private circuit that only carries traffic from your company.

Why should I upgrade my connectivity?

High-performance speed and high-quality linkage to connect with your clients.
Privacy and Confidentiality are your business’ priority.
Best application performance across multiple locations to connect with branches.


When is it good to implement it? Why?

Plan Now with BigBand and set up the network structure in 3-month times.
In the digital age business environment, the TOP THREE priorities are: Speed, Security, and Privacy.

Why work with BigBand?

A reputable company with a track record of 19 years in this industry.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems certified company.

The Outstanding and Excellent Business Service award-winning company.

Committed to Service Level Assurance and Uptime Guarantee.

Customised Solutions with Organised, Reliable and Predictable Costs.


Contact us NOW!

Share your business model and current network with us, and we will choose the best connectivity solutions that suit your business needs. Grow your business with sustainability successfully with Speed, Security and Privacy

Connectivity Solution Apply to

  • SMI and SME Business Owners
  • Factory Owners
  • Business Dealer with Branch Offices

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