Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud

Sangfor aCloud is the new generation of cloud IT architecture. It is built on innovative hyper-converged technology, with complete IT infrastructure and O&M management service capabilities. It can carry key business applications such as core databases, ERP, financial systems, production systems.

Unlike traditional cloud solutions, Sangfor Enterprise Cloud built on HCI is more simplified and flexible, enabling users to quickly build business-driven cloud computing data centers; no matter it’s private, hybrid or industrial cloud. It delivers to users IT resource pool, IT as a Service, and automated IT O&M, making it easy for key business to migrate to the cloud. It is the preferred solution for government, organization and enterprise users.

Big Band's Dedicated Cloud

Run your server on any suitable operating system such as Linux Centos, Ubuntu, Debian or Windows.

Server storage is attached to your VM as persistent disks; create a Nearline SAS HHD is as easy as taking snapshots of your current disk and recreate it.

Big Band allows you to use the server on an on-demand basis as you will only pay for what you have been using all the time.

Big Band offers predefined virtual machines which are fit for every need starting from 1.5GB and 1 vCPU to 12GB Memory and 8vCPU.

We made it easy to deploy, manage, and operate your own cloud infrastructure on an affordable price by providing a hassle-free deployment on bare metal.

Your server is flexible and scalable enough as whenever necessary, in just a minute you can size your disk based on your requirements in just a minute.