Dedicated Server

Consolidate your servers at our Tier III certified data centre and alleviate your IT burden.

Now you can Consolidate all your servers at our Tier III Certified Data-Centre to overcome your IT recurring technical headaches.

By consolidating your servers at our Tier III NTT Data Centre, you can benefit from our Best-of-breed hardware that provides your sites with a higher level of speed, professional capacity planning, top-notch security and network uptime far beyond the resource limitations often found in a shared hosting environment.

Dedicated Server refers to the process of reducing the volume of physical IT assets in your premise through highly efficient and scalable technologies. You will also be able to manage and alleviate the burden placed on your IT personnel.

Why Use Big Band Dedicated Server?

Tier 3 Certified Data Centre

Leveraging on NTT state-of-the-art, top-notch technologies Tier 3 Certified Data Centre located in Cyberjaya you will get maximum performance that is explicitly dedicated to your website, web app or platform. This allows your server to be far more stable, secure and efficient.

24/7/365 Proactive Server Monitoring

We use proven network IT monitoring tool to monitor your server performance and hardware health around the clock, reporting any system alert to our Network Engineers who will proceed to handle the unexpected issues or problems within the shortest time possible to mitigate any downtime.

Fully Customizable Dedicated Server

We can fully customize your server with RAM, CPU, SAS or SSD hard drives and provide a specialized range of hardware variables that will covers all your needs from budgetary to technical requirements after a Free Consultation with our experience Technical Consultant.

Improved ROI and Savings on Hardware Maintenance

We handle all the routine, but critical tasks associated with Hardware Maintenance so that you can focus on growing your businesses. With our dedicated team and proven network monitoring tools we handle the following task on a regular basis:

  • performing routine hardware maintenance and checkup
  • detect and mitigate potential early hardware failure
  • performing hardware replacement at odd hours or public holidays
  • upgrade your hardware to meet any new business requirements


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