We are managing thousands of servers in few Data Center in Malaysia, namely Cyberjaya and KL. Our main Data Center is located at NTT Cyberjaya which has good reputation in hosting industry.

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Managed Services

Managed Colocation

Big Band managed co-location takes one steps further by taking on the responsibility of managing your business’s IT infrastructure, in addition to basic co-location. A managed co-location not only look after the server hardware, but will also manage the operating system, applications and databases. Other managed services such as security, backup and storage can be added on as part of the managed co-location services.

Managed Dedicated Server

In managed dedicated server environment, we handle the setup, administration, management and support of the server or platform application. We provide operating system updates, security patches and performance optimizations as well as real-time monitoring of your server and vulnerability assessment.

Managed Network

Big Band SOC can provide you with a range of managed network services, including SD-WAN hybrid networks, network device management, and much more. We will pro-actively monitor your network up to your router, escalate to Service Provider and notify you via email when your network is intermittent or down.

Managed Cloud

Managed cloud allows you to choose which IT functions you wish to manage in-house, while leaving all the rest to us as service provider. Managed cloud services include infrastructure and application level support. We not only manage your computing, storage, networks and operating systems, but also the complex tools and application stacks that run on top of that infrastructure.

Managed Backup

Big Band will help you to optimize your backup configuration to minimize disruptions to your systems operations. We will professionally handle of all your high-priority recovery requests along with proactive monitoring that alert you to any storage or network issues in your routine backup operation.

Managed Security

Big Band Managed Security is a fully managed service on hardware based firewall, virtual firewall or VPN concentrators. The service includes configuration management, firmware patching and updates, traffic filtering, threat detection and prevention, and full maintenance & support, all monitored 24×7 by Big Band SOC.