Cloud HR Software

Paperless and environmentally friendly, Real-time and accurate performance assessments, Bringing HR Up to Speed.


A Human Resources Management solution combines a number of processes to be used by small and large businesses for better employee management in one single system. Such system is known as an HR Management System. A proper HR Management System helps you better manage employee data, payroll, expenses, benefits, training, attendance, workloads, performance and more. HR Management solution automates the HR tasks you hate, and guides your attention to the areas of HR that matter most to your company. Replace outdated methods like spreadsheets and paper files, and enjoy modern online HR software designed to help you reduce costs, identify opportunities, and grow your business.



  • Employee Profiling

    Keep a clean and arranged record for all employees in the company. Each employee will have an individual set of profiling which includes all documents uploaded.

  • Employee Payroll

    Admin can easily generate employee payroll with a click of the button. is compliant with LHDN, EPF, SOCSO and EIS.

  • Employee Attendance

    Anywhere around the world, once the employee has clock-in / clock-out at work, the system will record the current location of the employee. The system is using Google Map’s API for location accuracy.

  • Employee Performance Review

    Conduct Employee KPI on the system without going through the traditional ways.

  • HR Calendar

    Keep track of all employee activities via the HR calendar for holidays, meetings, projects and many more.

  • Project And Task Management

    Admin and employees can manage all projects and tasks easily using this feature and the management can monitor the progress closely.



Paperless and environmentally friendly

No more storing employee records in large file cabinet. With cloud-based HR solution, all files can now be stored securely in the cloud


Real-time and accurate performance assessments

Data analyses with built-in dashboards and reports.



24/7 access to pay and benefit information

HRM Cloud solution allows employees to access critical information about their benefits anytime, anywhere.


Bringing HR Up To Speed

Data is centralized and more accessible, reporting is instant, and analyses of trends and information is much easier and faster.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Center

Having a secondary site at our Data Center to fulfill your Disaster Recovery Plan. We have multiple Data Center in KL & Cyberjaya to fulfil your business continuity needs.


Improved Uptime

Hosted at Data Center will improve your server and application uptime as Data Center comes with redundancy in power, connectivity and cooling system.


Reduce Operating Expenses

Running your own Data Center might cost more than hosted at Public Data Center. There are many hidden cost if you build and operate your own Data Center.


Human Resources Management solution is a comprehensive cloud-based system that is designed to smoothen the HR processes and facilitates the needs for every organization. It focuses on employee management from payroll to project management, giving a flexibility in managing the company’s HR Department with lesser manual paperwork and increasing the effectiveness of HR related processes. It is a lot easier for HR managers since they can spend more time on core business objectives rather than attending to minor administration tasks. Payroll and leave management can be automated in a paperless working environment.


To access the Human Resources Management system, all you need to do is login with your username and password provided by your HR Administrator using a web-browser.


The Human Resource Management cloud solution is well suited with all types of the organization from small to large organizations. Record-Keeping & data maintenance of very less to many high numbers of employees could be done, salary processing, recruitment data maintenance, compensation benefits, reimbursement calculations, and approval, leave approval and balance check, attendance regularization, entry and exit formalities, and many more infinite features.