Rising with Public Cloud

In September 1896, cumulonimbus was marked as the greatest cloud in the world. It is listed as ‘Cloud 9’, for to be on Cloud 9 is to float on the tallest cloud on Earth.
If your business is yet to be on the cloud, then it is time to rise and make your way to being one of the highest-ranking in your industry with cloud computing.


Differences between Shared Hosting and Hosting on the Cloud

Shared or Dedicated Hosting gives you a portion of a single server, or a fixed, dedicated server to host and run your applications.

On the other hand, Cloud Computing gives you the benefit of working across multiple servers, together and all at once. Your usages are not limited to the number of hardware available as applications are run on the virtualization of servers.

Benefits of Traversing with Public Clouds

On-Demand Scalability

      • Start small and pay as you go with on-demand resources available

Zero Maintenance Fee

      • Your chosen cloud service provider will take care of all maintenance activities

Relocate Investment from CapEx to OpEx

      • As you pay for the service you use, there is no need to purchase any hardware or software, allowing you to redistribute your resources from CapEx to OpEx

High Availability

      • The existence of a vast network of servers ensures
        continuous performance

Go Cloud with Big Band

Big Band Cloud Computing leverages on innovative Hyper-Converged Infrastructure technology. It has integrated computing, storage, networking and other technologies into a single, unified platform. Bottlenecks are reduced significantly while performance is increased multi-fold.