Virtual Point of Presence

Better known by its abbreviation ‘Virtual PoP’ or ‘vPoP’, it grants you the technology to build a global presence by pinning a ‘point’ in different locations around the world.

You can also connect to multiple Internet Exchanges (IX) across the globe through a single port connection of Big Band, with an SLA Assurance of 24/7 Monitoring and Support from our operation centre.

Data Centre Internet Access (DCIA)

Providing high-speed connectivity, burstable dedicated internet of 1Mbps and above from our data centre to the World Wide Web. Powered by reliable Tier 1 upstream providers.

Global Network, Borderless Communication

Our global ethernet spans over 80 data centres, enacting a total of 163 points of presence:

  • 44 in Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines

  • 7 in Oceania: Australia (Sydney and Perth)

  • 72 in Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy

  • 40 in the United States: Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, Ashburn, Chicago, and Miami