Cloud Computing

Big Band Cloud Computing for All Businesses

Now small and medium businesses can start cloud-enabling and modernizing their current infrastructure without having to worry about having to spend enormous amount of time and money to sift through and understand the complexity of cloud infrastructure as Big Band can provide you with professional consultancy, project deployment, management, and launching of all your cloud applications!

We offer a combination of multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud strategy according to your requirements.

Big Band cloud solution is an IT framework designed to combine storage, compute and network on a single system, reducing complexity and increasing continuity. Part of our solutions include a Cloud Management Platform and a simplified OpenStack API and disaster recovery (DR) functions, taking data center consolidation, cloud computing, enterprise application management and data protection to the next level.

Big Band Cloud Hosting is designed to speed your cloud computing implementation with ease and predictability. Our cloud is secure, scalable, and flexible, giving you the freedom to configure and scale the cloud environment according to your requirements and your generic growth without putting a dent in your budget.

Choosing Big Band as your partner-in-Cloud hosting will make your journey to the cloud a seamless and cost-effective ride! And you can focus on your business and even make IT as a revenue generating department instead of a cost center!

Big Band Cloud Advantages

Reduce in TCO, Predict Cost and Better Cash Flow Management

Once cloud environment are deployed will see significant reduction in overall CapEx & Opex
You have the choice to Pay as You Grow
Up to 90% reduction in power, cooling & space
Start with 1 commodity server & scale linearly according to your need without limits!

Expandable and Scale with Ease

Easily scale compute, storage, and network resources up or down.
Use only what you need
Pay only for what you use
Adjust your server’s resources such as RAM, Storage and CPU according to your growing business needs

Mitigate Risk

Over reliance on a single provider for infrastructure puts your company at risk
Big Band provides multi-cloud and/or hybrid-cloud strategy according to your requirements
So you can work with multiple providers to ensure you always have other options

High Availability, High Performance

Our global network backbone, load balancers, and automated system failover always ensure there are redundancy and with that come high performance
High stability and reliability ensured by business clustering, HA (High Availability)
Distributed management platform
Distributed virtual networking device, multi-copies, back-up plans and etc

Simplified Operation

1 integrated software stack
Deploy infrastructure to support business in minutes
“What You Draw is What You Get” topology
Very limited manual operation is needed

Big Band Dedicated Cloud

Customers who need more control and customization options when it comes to features such as CPU resources, memory, bandwidth and storage allocation can opt to have their own Dedicated Cloud.

Big Band Dedicated cloud is built on innovative hyper-converged technology, with complete IT infrastructure and O&M management service capabilities. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is an infrastructure that combines computing, networking and storage capabilities onto industry-standard x86 servers by using virtualization technologies.

Big Band Dedicated Cloud using HCI is flexible and easily customizable enabling users to quickly and securely allocate the right resources such as CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, Storage and Security to the right team to use.

The principle components of Big Band Dedicated Cloud solution consists of x86 hardware, Switches and Cloud virtualization layer at the bottom and running on top of that layer will be Server Virtualization, SAN Virtualization and Network Virtualization layer that virtualizes computing, storage, networking and security.

Big Band Dedicated Cloud Advantages

  • It integrates compute, storage, networking and other technologies
  • It allows the integrated technologies to be managed in one platform
  • Reduce Bottleneck and Increase Performance & Throughput
  • Save Cost and High Scalability (Pay As You Grow)
  • Reduce Incident Resolution Time
  • Support Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and HTML5 browsers


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