Cloud Computing

Accesses your data at anytime and anywhere when required.

Integrated Computing, Storage, Networking, Applications, Emails, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Even Data Analytics into One Platform.

Optimize your business data operating costs and maximize benefits with the cloud platform effortlessly.

Why should I switch my data to the cloud?

No Infrastructure cost. No Hardware Upgrade Cost. No IT HR Cost.

Build and scale your company data based on your business needs.

When is it good to implement it? Why?

Plan NOW with BigBand and set up the cloud structure within 3 months.

Simplify your business data operating costs and manage effortlessly.

Why work with BigBand?

A reputable company with a track record of 19 years in this industry.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems certified company.

The Outstanding and Excellent Business Service award-winning company.

Committed to Service Level Assurance and Uptime Guarantee.

Customised Solutions with Organised, Reliable and Predictable Costs.

The main reason for the ineffective use of cloud tools is the complexity of cloud services provided in the market. These complicate the company data operation and management even more. Most SMIs and SMEs are less likely to have sufficient budget to maintain an IT team with sufficient experiences and time resources to manage digital data properly.

Share your current digital challenge with BigBand. Let us give you a Cloud solution to simplify your business data operation, management, and cost-saving solutions.

Cloud Solution Apply to

  • SMI and SME Business Owners
  • Factory Owners
  • Business Dealer with Branch Offices

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