Managed Backup

Backups are essential; they are non-negotiable for every business. Award yourself with peace of mind by entrusting us with managing your data backup.

The Importance of Data Backup

First and foremost, even with the most comprehensive prevention plan, it is inevitable that accidents happen, whether they are natural disasters or due to human error. Having a backup solution for data restores is seen as a required and integral part of a business continuity plan.

Furthermore, businesses in our current data-driven world are all subject to a certain compliance and litigation standard that includes backup and data protection measures in place. Duplicating your valuable data and safeguarding it for future retrieval is a viable Plan B.

Big Band Backup Options


On-site Backup

  • Storing data on a local storage device, such as hard disks, CDs, magnetic tapes, and hard drives.

Off-site Backup

  • Storing data on an off-site server that is accessible via the internet

Cloud Backup

  • Storing data at a different location than your primary server

  • Data cloud backup is the most recommended option as it is the most in line with a solid business continuity plan. It also frees up your primary server space for other more important applications.

Features of Big Band Backups

Whether it’s on-site, off-site, customer premise or cloud backups, all 4 options feature:

Bypass file systems, reading directly from disks, thus providing performance-friendly backup regardless of the number of files

Run backups as frequently as every 15 minutes

Manage and restore individual files, directories, or entire file systems within minutes through a single console

Replicate recovery points to off-site storage using FTP/FTPS or from the server Backup Manager User Interface

Schedule detections to run periodically or on-demand, and create instant alerts in the event of corruption

Our Server Backup Manager (SBM) (Console) supports physical and virtual servers running on Microsoft Windows, variants of Linux, and other virtualization platforms including VMWare, Citrix, and XenServer

Replicate backup data across SBM servers, regardless of their geographic location