Xiao Hong Shu Official Account Registration (Blue-tick)

A New Beginning for Brand Marketing

Tailored for Malaysian brands, our services assist you in successfully registering a corporate account on Xiao Hong Shu,
directly reaching the vast market of young consumers.

Xiao Hong Shu Official Account Registration (Blue-tick)

We offer a one-stop service,
from account creation and
company verification
to personalized page setup.

Expand Brand Exposure

Xiao Hong Shu has a vast user group, especially among younger consumers, offering significant exposure opportunities for your brand.

Enhance Brand Trust

The official verification mark of a corporate account increases your brand's credibility, helping consumers recognize and trust your bran

Rich Content Formats

Corporate accounts allow the posting of various types of content, including images and videos, providing abundant content marketing opportunities for brands.

Social E-commerce Platform

Corporate accounts support direct product promotion and sales, combining social media's interactive features to help drive sales conversions.

Benefits of Applying Official Account

How We Help You

Register XHS Official Account

Personalized Consultation

We first understand your brand positioning,
target market, and marketing objectives,
ensuring we provide customized services
that align with your brand.

Preparation of Application Materials

We assist you in preparing
all necessary registration documents,
including business licenses, brand information, etc.,
to ensure compliance with Xiao Hong Shu's
corporate certification requirements.

Submission of Certification Application

We handle the entire process
of applying for a Xiao Hong Shu corporate account on your behalf, including filling out the application form, uploading the necessary documents,
and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information.

Monitoring the Review Process

We closely monitor the progress of the application,
communicate promptly with Xiao Hong Shu officials,
and ensure the certification process proceeds smoothly.

Ready to build a strong brand presence on Xiao Hong Shu?

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