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Big Band Data Center: Tier III Complete Solutions

Strive to modernize and digitalize your business to a global reach through a centralized and secure way.





Store, manage, process, and distribute huge volumes of data and computing resources to millions through Big Band tier III Data Center. Make decision based on volumetric data collections in this fast-paced digital era.

Big Band's Data Center

Big Band’s Data Center (Co-location) services offer businesses a strategic solution for housing their IT infrastructure in a world-class data center. With data center, businesses can leverage Big Band's state-of-the- art facilities and benefit from reduced capital expenditure. Our data center services ensure data security, high-speed connectivity, and uninterrupted power supply, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies while we take care of the infrastructure.

Our Services

Cross Connect Services

Connect between multiple endpoints within our colocation.

Our cross-connect services enable seamless connectivity between multiple endpoints within our colocation facility, fostering enhanced reliability and reduced latency for your operations. These connections facilitate efficient data transmission and communication between different systems, optimizing overall performance and providing a robust network infrastructure. Experience the benefits of a well- connected environment, ensuring smooth data flow, and improved user experiences for your business needs.

Customize Your Own Cages, Suites and Rack

Tailored private cages or suites

Take advantage of our customization options to design your own cages, suites, and racks, tailored to your specific requirements. Benefit from private cages or suites equipped with cable distribution systems, dual AC and DC power paths, and standard or optimized 42U racking solutions, ensuring a solution that perfectly fits your unique needs.

Endless Power Supply

Stay powered on (24/7)

Experience uninterrupted power supply with our N+1 redundancy, UPS systems, and backup diesel generator. Providing unparalleled reliability for continuous business operations. Stay powered on, 24/7, and focus on your core activities with confidence.

Multi-Layered Security

24/7 Multi-layered security controls.

Benefit from our multi-layered security approach, featuring 24/7 controls at access points and continuous digital camera monitoring throughout our facilities, ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable assets. Rest assured that your data are always safeguarded by our robust security measures.

Advance Temperature Control

Ensure efficient cooling and stable air flow

Utilizing Cold Aisle Containment, our robust HVAC systems ensure efficient cooling and stable air flow, maintaining optimal temperature, and humidity conditions. Enhanced by Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply for reliable operations.

FAQ: Is Data Center Suitable for Your Business?

Data centers provide a secure and controlled environment to store and manage critical business data and applications. They ensure high availability, data security, and efficient resource management.

Data center allows businesses to house their IT infrastructure in a professionally managed data center, reducing capital expenses and operational overhead. It provides high-security measures, power redundancy, and scalable infrastructure.

Absolutely! Data center services, including co-location, are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit from cost-effective solutions, improved data security, and professional infrastructure management.

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