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The first steps towards digital transformation. Build networks throughout department. Connect all scopes of your business from the macro all the way to micro. Mold your business model to a more efficiency, robust, secure and cost-effective through networks.

Advantages of a Network Connectivity

Private networks offer numerous benefits to companies:

  • Enhance security,
  • Gain greater control,
  • and customize according to your needs.

This control can protect data from network threats and provide a secure environment for information exchange.


Dedicated Secure Connection Access

Exclusive secure bandwidth for your business

Unlike a regular broadband connection service where bandwidth is shared out to other subscribers, Big Band Dedicated Network is just between your business and the web. Ensuring 24/7 solid secure connection with ultra- high upload and download speeds. To support your business day-to-day operations.

Zero Down Time
24/7 high-speed. Stay connected all year round.
Scalable Plans Based on Your Business’s Needs
Customizable bandwidth speeds ranging from 10Mbps to as much as 10Gbps. Pay for what your business needs.
Secure Connectivity
Stay fully protected and leave no space for cyber threats. With our active monitoring and threat detection system and top of the line. Virtual firewall, we can guarantee data protection.
Advance Network Capabilities
Self-healing network. Bi-directional bandwidth. MEF 3.0 certified.
24/7 Dedicated Helpline
Our services come with 24/7 technical support guarantee to resolve any connectivity issues.
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Direct Access to NaaS (Network as a Service)
Pre-build connections to your preferred cloud service provider.
Multi-Cloud Access
Connect multiple cloud providers and enjoy the flexibility, performance, and compliance requirements that suits your business the best.
Breakdown Visibility
Get a better view over your network with SLA configuration to fit your company needs
Our Cloud Partners
Connect to the largest Cloud ecosystems and SaaS providers.
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Direct Cloud Connect

Infuse your application performance with a secure and private connection via cloud technology to the world’s leading cloud services providers and SaaS (software as a service). Access your data from anywhere and everywhere any time without any limitations.

Instantly connect to multiple SaaS and cloud provider directly, bypassing the vulnerability of the public internet. Enjoy higher performance, speed, and control.


Point-to-Point Leased Line

Build a 1-to-1 private data connection between your HQ and branch offices.

Build a bridge between locations far away via fiber optic connection. Ensuring extremely low latency, high bandwidth speeds and secure connection.

MEF 3.0 Certified
Achieving MEF 3.0 Certification, our network stands as the pioneering example in Southeast Asia, acknowledged for its exceptional quality and dynamic performance standards.
Create a Flexible Plan for Your Business
Craft the right plan for your company usage, customize the right amount of bandwidth and feature suited for your company.
24/7 Dedicated Helpline
Our services come with 24/7 technical support guarantee to resolve any connectivity issues.
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FAQ: How to ensure Direct Cloud Network is the right solution for your business?

Direct cloud network will be more efficient in a scale of computing ROI. Meaning lower cost for bandwidth with a high performance.

Direct cloud network is built for this kind of problems. To effectively communicate and transfer data between locations.

Big Band direct cloud network is based on a pay per use basis. Our goals are to help to ease companies by creating a flexible plan agile for your business.

FAQ: Find out whether private leased line suited for your business?

With a private leased line, your business will have exclusive access to the connection, ensuring heightened security for sensitive data and confidential phone calls. Your business will retain sole control over the dedicated data connection that connects two separate points, eliminating the risk of data breaches. Additionally, private leased lines keep your information off public networks, providing a safe and secure environment for your confidential data. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses seeking enhanced data protection and secure communication.

For example, financial institutions require high-speed intelligence and trading capabilities to stay competitive in the market. On the other hand, digital businesses with e-commerce app infrastructures need to interact with customers rapidly, making a Private Leased Line (PLL) an ideal complement to their operations. With a PLL, your business can ensure swift and reliable communication, enabling you to meet your industry-specific demands and stay ahead in the dynamic marketplace.

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