What are Colocation Racks?

Colocation Racks is our Colocation service that refers to the physical cabinets used to house our servers and networking equipment in a controlled, cool, and sterile environment to maintain and ensure the integrity and safety of our customers' data.

Who needs Colocation Racks?

Colocation racks provide a solid foundation for organizations, offering secure, scalable, and efficient infrastructure solutions. They enable organizations to focus on innovation and growth while we manage their IT environment effectively.

Benefits of Big Band Colocation Racks

(Multi-layered Security Measures)

(High-speed connectivity)

(World-class data centre)

#Cost Efficient (Reduced capital expenditure)

#Power with Redundancy (Uninterrupted power supply)

Why choose Big Band Colocation Racks?

Our Certifications:

We Provide:

Carrier Racks

  • Available from 2kW -7kW
  • Supports high-density environments



Dedicated Cage

  • Secure Steel Cage Walls
  • Dedicated Lockable Space



Dedicated Suite

  • Fire Protection Zone
  • Self-Power Distribution



Multi-Service Interconnection Platform

  • Cloud Connect
  • Internet Exchange
  • Private Connections to Other Data Centres


Structured Cabling

  • Structured Cabling
  • Fast Provisioning
    Seamless Connectivity Between Multiple Endpoints

Advanced Remote Hand & Eye

  • Technical Infrastructure Management Tasks
  • Cable Repatching
  • Console Access

Office Space

  • Modern Office Space

Client Web Portal

  • Client Visitor Management System
  • Data Centre Report
  • Client Web DCEMS

Audit Support

  • Client Audits & Regulatory Needs

User Acceptance Test

  • Heat Load Test
  • Failover Test
  • Documentations

Data Hall Fit-Ups

  • Racks
  • iPDU
  • Cold/Hot Aisle Containment


Multi-layered Security Measures

  • Card Access
  • 24/7 Surveillance System
  • Key Management System
  • Security Personnel


Project Management

  • Regular Project Progress Updates
  • Documentations
  • Handovers

Annual Pull-The-Plug Test

  • Truly Resilient
  • Fault Resistant
  • Maintainable


  • Up to 36Hrs
  • Supports 2N, N+1, N Redundancy
  • Backup Diesel Generators


  • Up to 10Mins Batteries
  • Supports 2N, N+1, N Redundancy

Advance Cooling Control

  • Water & Air Cooled
  • SupportsN+1Redundancy
  • Cold Aisle Containment System
  • Robust HVAC System
  • Optimal Temperature & Humidity


  • Carrier Neutral
  • Tier 1 Carrier NTT
  • Cloud Connect

Multination Data Centre Location

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

Strategic Location

  • Easy Accessibility
  • Away From Natural Disaster

We Offer / Our Products:

  • 1U Rack
  • 2U Rack
  • 10U Rack
  • 21U Rack
  • 42U Rack
1U Rack2U Rack10U Rack21U Rack42U Rack
10A C13 Power Socket115918
RJ45 Port1x100Mbps1x100Mbps1x100Mbps1x100Mbps1Gbps
Power Allocation100W/hr100W/hr500W/hr1000W/hr2000W/hr
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