Cyber Command

Cyber Command

What is Cyber Command?

Cyber Command uses Network Detection & Response (NDR) to improve the IT security of businesses while exterminating cybersecurity risks by monitoring internal network traffic as well as identifying hidden threats within the network.

Who needs Cyber Command?

Cyber Command is suitable for organizations of all sizes seeking advanced security solutions to conduct Threat Detection, Strengthen Systems, and mitigate any malicious activities.

Benefits of Cyber Command

#Fast Response

#Integrated Security (With Endpoint & Next Generation Firewall)


#Sophisticated Threat Detection

Superior Visibility
(Detailed dashboard for transparency & holistic view)

Why choose Big Band Cyber Command?

Golden Eye

  • Strengthen External & Internal System Defences
  • Study Behaviour of Compromised Assets

Cross Platform Integration

  • Simplify Deployment Within Branch Offices
  • Multi Device Compatibility

Eliminate Blind Spots

  • 100% Visibility of East-West & North-South Traffic
  • Detect Threats
  • Decode Data

Stealth Threat Analysis (STA)

  • Collect Raw Network Traffic
  • Detect Abnormal Behaviours

We Provide / Our Products:

Superior Threat Detection & Response

(Monitoring Internal Network Traffic)

Security Breaches Investigations

Integration of Network & Security Solutions

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