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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is our Continuous Business Solution that involves implementing strategies and procedures to restore critical systems, data, and operations of organizations after an outage, natural disaster, or cyber-attack.

Who needs Disaster Recovery?

Businesses of all sizes should include disaster recovery solutions to have peace of mind and protect against unforeseen disruptions that could jeopardize work operations.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery

#Future-proof (Multi- Cloud)

#Instant Recovery

#Scripted Disaster Recovery Playbook

#24/7 Technical Support

Difference between Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup involves creating copies of data for recovery purposes while disaster recovery minimizes downtime and ensures continuity of work operations after an outage or disaster.

Why choose Big Band Disaster Recovery?

Active Passive Disaster Recovery

  • Automatic Failover
  • 0 RPO with Near-Zero RTO
  • Easy to deploy & manage
  • Start from 4 nodes, lowering entry threshold
  • Facilitate A-A + A-P Business Continuity Scheme
  • Unified & Visualized Management
  • Flexible Workload Allocation (stretched virtual volume & traditional virtual volume)


DRM Solution

  • Support agentless V2V for VMWare
  • One-click DR Rehearsal & Switch Back
  • Supports mainstream x86 servers
  • Hypervisor V2V Replication
  • DR Synchronization Process Visualization
  • Support centralized monitoring
  • Support one-key termination for switching and ending rehearsals
  • On-demand virtual machine configuration optimization
  • Configuration adaptation
  • Driver self-adaptation

We Provide:

Homogeneous DR Solution

  • Active-passive Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Active-active Stretched Cluster Solution
  • 0-Hours RPO
  • Minutes-level RTO


Heterogeneous DR Solution

  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Enhance Disaster Recovery & Backup Capabilities
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery


DR Solutions between HCI or MCS

Local HA
1 Gbps Management
Disaster Recovery
Based on RPO and IO speed
No Limitation
Stretched Cluster
1 Gbps Fiber/ 10 Gbps Fiber, RTT <= 5ms

DR Solutions between 3rd Party platforms & (HCI or MCS)

Secondary Business
Quick Recovery DR

  • Real-time/scheduled backup to HCI resource pool to support rapid reconstruction and recovery of TB-level data
  • Recover data to HCI when disaster happens
  • Realize RPO=0, switch in 30 minutes


Important Business
VM Synchronization DR

  • Use CDP to transmit data from production site to DR site with real-time or scheduled mode
  • DR site in shutdown mode, during DR, it will pullup DR VM and ta over the business
  • Realize RPO=0, switch in 5 minutes


Critical Business
CDP Hot Standby DR

  • Use CDP to realize real-time synchronization
  • DR Site in hot-standby mode
  • One-click switch to enable backup server
  • Realize RPO=0, switch in 1 minute


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