Endpoint Secure

Endpoint Secure

What is Endpoint Secure?

Endpoint Secure utilizes a holistic response to malware infections and APT breaches across an organization’s entire network, with ease of management, operation, and maintenance.

Who needs Endpoint Secure?

The Endpoint Secure solution is scalable for all organizations requiring on-premises management, cloud management, or hybrid solutions to endpoint security, detection, and response.

Benefits of Endpoint Secure

#Ransomware Protection

#Unified Endpoint Security Management

#Cost Effective Endpoint Protection

#World-Class Malware Detection

Why choose Big Band Endpoint Secure?

Phishing & Web Intrusion Protection With Automated Response

  • Enhanced Protection
  • Accurate Detection
  • Auto Response Against Attacks


Ransomware Protection & Recovery

  • Static & Dynamic AI-based Detection Engines
  • Block Suspicious Ransomware-Related Processes


Synergy With Network & Cloud

  • Integrated NGAF, IAG, & Cyber Command
  • Advanced & Coordinated Threat Detection & Response
  • Streamlined Post-Attack Threat Hunting

We Provide / Our Products:

  • Endpoint Discovery & Unified Endpoint Management
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • Configuration Baseline Check


Passive Detection

  • Signature-Based Detection (Traditional-AV)
  • Behaviour-Based Detection (NG-AV)
  • AI & Machine Learning (NG-AV)
  • Sandboxing (NG-AV)

Active Protection

  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Ransomware Honeypot
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Brute-Force Attack Detection


Residual Threat Detection

  • Threat Hunting


Forensic Analysis

  • Threat Correlation & Visualization



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