Internet Access Gateway (IAG)

Internet Access Gateway (IAG)

What is Internet Access Gateway (IAG)?

The Internet Access Gateway (IAG) is our Cybersecurity solution to secure web gateway & web filtering. IAG provides organizations with full visibility into user internet access behaviour, enabling immediate action on suspicious activity, uncovering user identity and application usage, and ensuring internet access compliance.

Who needs Internet Access Gateway (IAG)?

The Internet Access Gateway solution is for all organizations looking to include a secure workforce environment to safeguard user internet access and develop a secure web gateway that provides full control and visibility to better identify suspicious activity.

Benefits of Internet Access Gateway

#Full Visibility in Encrypted Traffic

#Uncover User Identify with Analytics

#Full Control to Ensure Internet Access Compliance

Why choose Big Band Internet Access Gateway?

Proxy Avoidance Protection

Intelligent Traffic Management

Gateway and Client Decryption to Uncover Encrypted Traffic

Unified Network-wide Management of all Clients

Precise and Accurate Application Control

Offloading Performance When Using ICAP Integration with Third Party System

Secure Onboarding Devices with Endpoint Security Posture

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